Callasterns Dazzling Kissing Queen of Hearts (Kissy) is full sister to Elliott, out of my Callasterns Dazzling Vegas Showgirl (Dazzle) and Sterling (RBIS BISS GCH Crystal’s Totally Chromed Out). Kissy and is also undergoing her health testing. Kissy will be bred late 2019 and has a waiting list which has already begun to fill up.  This litter will be planned to be a combination of solid color blacks and solid color whites.

Kissy has entered into her first heat cycle and is being lovingly pampered by Zack - away from the 3 very interested boys here. Kissy has begun her health testing and will complete it September 2019 when she is 2 years old and x-rays can be submitted to OFFA. Until that time, she will be the apple of our eye and a loving girl. Maybe she can start with some performance work while we wait - AFTER my knees are 100% again.