This Contract for Stud Dog Services is between Debra Sterns/Callasterns Standard Poodles, owner of CH CALLASTERNS BLACKJACKS DAZZLING LEGACY (Deezel) PR19091605; DOB March 23, 2016.  Deezel is OFFA CHIC certified - CHIC# 87205.  Deezel is color tested to be Dominant Black and is also registered on VGL/Better Bred - with results available to the public.  DNA is registered with AKC and VGL.  All health records and pedigree are available for your viewing. 

If Bitch is Co-Owned, then notarized written permission from Co-Owner for this breeding to occur must be provided to Debra Sterns prior to finalizing contract and shipping of semen.

Bitch Reg Name:___________________________________________________ AKC Reg # ____________

Color ______________________________________  DOB _____________  Microchip #_______________

Owner Name:              _____________________________________________________________________

Owner Address:          _____________________________________________________________________

Owner E-Mail:             __________________________________  Owner Phone: _____________________

Co-Owner Name:        _____________________________________________________________________

Co-Owner Address:    _____________________________________________________________________

Co-Owner E-Mail:       __________________________________  Co-Owner Phone: ___________________

Bitch must be up to date on vaccines and be neither affected nor a carrier or SA or Addisons.  Bitch owner must valid provide proof of all health and orthopedic testing.  Hips and elbows should be tested at Excellent or Good unless an exception is made, to be determined by Stud Dog Owner.  Bitch must have Microchip information available to Stud Owner.  It is preferred that Bitch be either an AKC Conformation Champion or hold AKC performance titles.  In some cases, AKC Conformation pointed bitches are acceptable.  UKC conformation titles for colored or parti bitches is acceptable at Stud Dog Owner’s discretion.  Bitch Owner must submit pedigree of Bitch with photos when submitting Contract.  If, for any reason, Bitch is not acceptable - Contract will be voided and Stud Fee will be returned. Acceptance is at the discretion of Stud Dog Owner.

Stud fee is Two Thousand dollars ($2000) paid prior to shipping of semen unless alternative arrangements are made in advance, in which case registration of litter will be delayed until full payment is made and clears the bank.  If there are alternate arrangements made for payment of Stud Fee and puppies do not survive or there are less than 2 puppies born and Bitch’s Owner refuses to send balance of Stud Fee, legal proceedings will be immediately instituted against Bitch Owner and Co-Owner, if any for Breach of Contract.  In such an event, Bitch Owner and Co-Owner, if any, will be jointly liable for the remainder of the stud fees plus any and all costs incurred by Stud Dog Owner in pursuit such legal remedy.

Stud Dog Services are available via shipped Fresh Chilled or Frozen semen, side by side AI or Live Cover.  A current Brucellosis test (within 7 days of breeding) and up to date progesterone testing will be required for the Bitch with verifiable results. Regardless of what method of breeding is utilized, current progesterone testing must be provided and be within the appropriate breeding window with shipping time factored in.  A new Brucellosis test of Stud dog is performed prior to every breeding.  Please notify Debra Sterns of the first day of heat so Stud Dog may be taken to Repro Vet for collection and shipping if needed.  If frozen semen is used, please arrange to have semen shipped and in place with your approved Repro vet in advance so that Cryo shipping container may be charged and prepared for shipping.  Deposit on container, charging of container and extra shipping expenses are Bitch owner’s responsibility.  Container Deposit will be refunded/returned with safe return of container.

All costs of collecting and shipping of Fresh Chilled Semen will be paid by Bitch Owner and/or Co-Owner, if any, in addition to Federal Express overnight, Early A.M. Delivery shipping expense - which increases with Saturday delivery.   Bitch Owner and CopOwner, if any, must provide valid credit card information to procuring veterinarian (Dr. Mary McDaniels at Lake Alfred Animal Hospital, Lake Alfred, Florida - (863) 956-5700 for semen to be collected and shipped. Statement of semen viability at time of shipping will be included with shipment.  It is strongly advised that Bitch Owner procure insurance on the shipping equal to the amount of collecting and shipping costs.

Callasterns Standard Poodles does not control weather, the shipping company or faulty handling of semen at Bitch Owner’s end.  If there is a problem with any of these three circumstances, there is no free re-collecting and shipping.   

If bitch travels to Stud Dog’s location, not accompanied by owner (although that is preferred) for side-by-side AI or Live Cover, then transportation to and from my location, daily board rate of $35, a temporary Medical Power of Attorney and insurance information for the Bitch will be provided to Debra Sterns. If un-insured, Bitch owner assumes all costs of medical services and, if insured, any co-pay or deductible costs.  Bitch should have an insurance policy to cover her for any injury or illness during her stay here. 

Notification of viable litter via ultrasound and final X-Ray number count prior to whelping is required.  Notice of whelping should be made to Callasterns Standard Poodles within 24 hours with count, sex and color of each puppy.  

Return Stud Service will be provided once with no additional stud fee if there are two puppies or less or no litter is conceived/or it is re-absorbed.  Bitch Owner and Co-Owner, if any, will still be responsible for collection and shipping expenses on return Stud Service. If Bitch owner decides not to utilize a Return Stud Service, no refund of Stud Fee will be provided.  If Bitch owner decides to delay Return Stud Service, not to exceed 12 months, and Stud Dog dies or is rendered sterile or Semen values deteriorate in the interim, there will be no refund of Stud Fee.

All puppies will be sold on an enforceable spay/neuter Limited Registration.  Any requests for “Open Registration” of puppies (including transfer of puppy to Co-Owner) resulting from this breeding must be approved in writing by Stud Dog Owner.  Failure to do so will incur Breach of Contract Remedy as listed below.  All contact information of puppies owners from resulting litter shall be provided to Stud Dog Owner.  

Absolutely NO DOODLING whatsoever.  If Semen is procured under false pretenses and used for Doodling, Callasterns Standard Poodles will immediately begin legal proceedings for Breach of Contract against Bitch Owner and Co-Owner, if any, with a required remedy of a minimum of $10,000 or $3000 per puppy born, whichever is more.  Further, Bitch Owner and Co-Owner, if any, will be liable for all costs of Stud Dog Owner’s legal proceedings including process service fees.  If Stud Dog owner has to travel to Bitch owner’s state to complete legal proceedings - all travel expenses, housing, additional $125 per diem and all legal fees will be added to settlement costs and presented to the court.  There will be no mediation in event of legal proceedings.

Two copies of this contract (3 copies if a Co-Owner is listed) must be completed and notarized by Bitch Owner and, if any, Co-Owner and mailed to Stud Dog Owner for Completion and Return to Bitch Owner and Co-Owner, if any.  Contract must be in the possession of Stud owner as well as the appropriate Stud Fee before any collection and shipping of Semen will be scheduled.  Both Owner and/or Co-Owner are held equally to the terms of this Contract For Stud Dog Services. 

No alteration to the specifics of this Contract for Stud Dog Services will be made without written authorization of Stud Dog Owner via Addendum to Contract.  

This contract entered into this ______ day of _____________, 20____.  Please attach original Notary Jurat to both copies of contract.  

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Debra Sterns/Callasterns Standard Poodles Bitch Owner Signature and Print Below

Stud Dog Owner _______________________________________

(407) 404-0812 _______________________________________

Bitch Co-Owner Signature/Print Below