SOME HELPFUL SITES YOU MAY LIKE TO VISIT:   The Volhard Puppy Aptitude/Temperament Test is given at 49 days - before the first fear period begins.  This is done by a certified tester in a place the puppies have never seen before.  This gives a better insight into the puppy's aptitude/temperament. This test takes approximately 30 minutes per puppy and you get a copy in you.  We can specifically test for special interests - are we looking for pets - show dogs - performance dogs - hunting dogs - scent detection dogs - therapy dogs? Some things surprise me - but I already know their temperaments  by the test day. This helps me properly place puppies in the right families/situations.   Early Bio-Neurological Stimulation, as provided By Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia,  exercises make a tremendous difference in the mental as well as physical development and body awareness of the puppies from days 4-14.  This is the same system the military working dog kennels and many service dog kennels use with their puppies. There are usually 5 exercises but I add a 6th because they are poodles - I add brushing to the list.  "Puppy Culture".  I will also be participating in these age-specific socialization exercises.  I will provide buyers with a list of approved exercises during different weeks of the puppy's life after they go home with you.  I live by Dr. Dodd's limited vaccination protocols and my puppy buyers also agree to follow these guidelines.    This is a wonderful site - you sign up for a account and you may add your puppy's info in the data base or you may have me do it for you.     This is where you can research any dog to see what health testing a dog has had. You need the AKC registration number but you can also go by the registered name if you don't have the registration number.  I attain CHIC status with all of my breeding poodles.  I go above and beyond the suggested breed-typical testing.  (See the explanation of CHIC on a page by itself).      Go here and set up a free account for yourself. You will be able to look for training, clubs, shows, etc. near you.

Feeding Your Puppy  My own dogs have been raw fed for over 14 years and all my puppies are weaned onto a raw food diet. While I strongly encourage raw feeding, I understand that not everyone wants to feed raw. In that case - please feed a 4-5 star grain free dog food. Fromm and Acana are two that come to mind.  I do live with Clorox wipes at hand to immediately sanitize the prep area and I feed from disposable small paper plates but using a ceramic or stainless steel dish that can be sterilized in the dishwasher is just as good!  

Water is Crucial  You must, at all times, have fresh, clean water available to your puppy.  Dehydration is deadly in young puppies.  That is why diarrhea is so serious - because it dehydrates the puppies - thickening the blood and making the body work harder to keep the puppy alive.  One of the best things to give a puppy with loose stools or diarrhea is packed pumpkin.  Just add 1-2 tablespoons to their meals for ailments relating to changing diet, stress, travel - but if you see bloody, watery diarrhea go straight to the vet.  I stock up on Organic packed pumpkin at Thanksgiving and Christmas!    UC Davis is preparing a Diversity Database of DNA for many breeds and now Poodles are on the list.  This gives you a better snapshot of your puppy's DNA relatedness to the rest of the poodle population.  For spayed/neutered poodles it is informational only.  For those who will have open registration for show/performance/breeding this is an excellent tool - not the only tool - but something to add to your knowledge of your dogs overall inherited health traits.  

Plants Poisionous to Dogs/Cats/Horses:   You can click on the letter of the alphabet to see what is there.  I was surprised by a couple of things! offers a lot of information like performing pet cpr or pet Heimlich maneuver also provides videos that show you how to perform CPR and the Heimlich maneuver on your pets:  CPR: and the Heimlich:

Something very new is the use of CBD oil for pets.  This relieves anxiety, removes inflammation in the body which in turn lowers pain levels.  I am currently using it on my two older pets and I'm seeing some good results.  I get mine at Woof Gang Bakery.  It is a Cannibis/Hemp based product but without the THC component.  I'm seeing my old girl (13) stand up on her hind legs again for dinner and Linas (14) is going up and down the stairs by himself again.