Over the years I've found some of the best items to use on poodles and also what NOT to use on poodles (topical flea medications).  One of the main things I learned caring for poodle coats is to NEVER brush or comb dry hair.  Use a grooming mist/detangler.  If you are showing you must have a stand dryer to line brush your poodle.  Nothing works as well.  Now on to the rest - some websites, equipment etc.  Companies that I use and trust besides Amazon!   Compare prices apples to apples before you buy big items.

www.bestbullysticks.com.  I get the long, spiral chews but they have all kinds available.  I also get a 6 inch rolled bully stick.  They are all fully digestible and your best friend when you want some quiet time or they are teething!  

Cherrybrook.com.  Just about anything you want.  I especially like getting my "Skin Works" there for clipper burn/irritation.

https://pantsfordogs.com.  For girls in season, boys who piddle, people who want protection of the neck from collars, leggings and snoods - good items - decent pricing - nice variety.

PetEdge.com.   Also - about anything you want or need. 

VetsBest.com    I swear by their Vet's Best Ear Wash (not the ear dry).  Non-alcohol and leaves a clove scent. Also on other sites like Amazon and even Cherrybrook.  

Chewy.com.     I use their large water reservoir for my dogs and buy a LOT of toys there!  They also carry many helpful items.

GroomersEdge.com.    Tools - brushes, combs, slickers, clippers, scissors, shampoos, conditioners, even dye.  

ArteroUSA.com      Shampoos (especially baby), conditioners, detangler, anti-static spray and a nice de-matting spray.

IsleofDogs.com.      My fave shampoos, conditioners, specialty sprays and two oil food additives - #91 and #92.  Fabulous products.

Midwestpetproducts.com.  This is my go-to for x-pens, crates, pads - their x-pens can be joined end to end to make a large enclosure.  I                      get the tallest x-pen for standard poodles.  

TheQuiltedHound.com   They have neck saver collar protectors, leggings, snoods, etc.  

LesPooches.com       I love their double sided brushes.  I have them in the double head and single head.  The BEST for brushing! 

There are many other sites that I go to - but if you are ever looking for something and want a recommendation - just give me a call.