Looking forward to debuting Elliott (Callasterns Dazzling King of Hearts) and Kissy (Callasterns Dazzling Kissing Queen of Hearts) and Abby (Callasterns Absolutely Worth Waiting For) in future AKC and UKC show and performance venues.  

Deezel recently won his Rally Novice title and will be going on to his next level. Baby Abby has graduated from S.T.A.R. Puppy class and has moved on to the Advanced Puppy Kindergarten specializing in Susan Garrett’s Crate Games. Shadow and Elliott will both be attending Rally Novice and Tricks classes. Abby will be participating this summer in Barn Hunt and will also be attending Rally and Tricks classes along with Kissy.

Shadow, Deezel’s litter mate, has been participating in Novice Barn Hunt classes and has quickly progressed.

All classes or showing are on hold while I get both of my knees replaced and complete my rehab for them. This should take a minimum of 7 months to a year. For that reason all the puppies in show coat have been cut down - I will not be able to maintain show coats at all during this period of time. While it is disappointing - hair will grow - and perhaps we will address it in 2020 or show UKC which does not require the immense hair coat that AKC does.