SOME INFORMATION SITES YOU MAY LIKE TO VISIT:   The Volhard Puppy Aptitude/Temperament Test is given at 49 days - before the first fear period begins.  This is done by a certified tester in a place the puppies have never seen before.  This gives a better insight into the puppy's aptitude/temperament.   This test is scheduled for October 22, 2017.  Results will be provided in your puppy package.   Early Bio-Neurological Stimulation, as provided By Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia,  exercises make a tremendous difference in the mental as well as physical development and body awareness of the puppies from days 4-14.  This is the same system the military working dog kennels and many service dog kennels use with their puppies.  "Puppy Culture".  This is new for me so I will also be participating in these socialization exercises.  I will provide buyers with a list of approved exercises during different weeks of the puppy's life.  I live by Dr. Dodd's limited vaccination protocols and my puppy buyers also follow these guidelines.    This is a wonderful site - you sign up for a account and you may add your puppy's info in the data base or you may have me do it for you.     This is where you can research any dog to see what health testing they have had. You need the AKC registration number.      Go here and set up a free account for yourself. You will be able to look for training, clubs, shows, etc. near you.

My own dogs have been raw fed for over 14 years and all my puppies are weaned onto a raw food diet. While I strongly encourage raw feeding, I understand that not everyone wants to feed raw. In that case - please feed a 4-5 star grain free dog food. Fromm and Acana are two that come to mind.