Contract for Purchase of Standard Poodle Puppy   


This contract is between Debra Sterns of Callasterns Standard Poodles (Seller) and ____________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________(Buyer/s).

Buyer is purchasing a standard poodle puppy for the amount of  Two Thousand Dollars ($2,000.00) for Limited Registration on a spay/neuter contract.   Special Treaty available for Open Registration, price to be determined with special addendums.

 Upon confirmation of pregnancy,  a non-refundable deposit of $500, completed Pre-Purchase Puppy Questionnaire and two (2) copies of signed, notarized Contract for Purchase will be required to reserve a puppy.  This deposit will be applied toward the purchase price.  If, after birth, an appropriate puppy is not deemed available, deposit will be returned in full if a substitution cannot be made. If, after birth you change your mind, the deposit is forfeit.  Payment in full must be made 10 days before picking up the puppy if paying by check.  If you cannot pick your puppy up at 10 weeks of age, I can hold the puppy for you. The per diem is $15 per day and if it is past the 30 day window on the health certificate - another health certificate must be prepared - $35 for regular certificate, $50 for air travel.  Puppy must meet weight requirements to fly in cabin - not more than 20 pounds.  Please make checks payable to Debra Sterns, thank you.

Before you pick up your puppy, the two notarized copies of the Contract to Purchase will be fully executed and your copy will be included in your puppy folder. 

Puppy is described as follows:         

Sex:             Male/Female 

Color:        Cream or Silver

Date of Birth:      09-03-2017         AKC Litter Registration # PR202275

 Dam:  Callasterns Dazzling Vegas Showgirl (Dazzle) PR14700604

 Sire:   RBIS BISS GCH Chrystal's Totally Chromed Out (Sterling)  PR 09648204

Avid Microchip #  _____________________

Puppy (______________________________________) has a current Health Certificate, has been wormed and received two neo-par vaccinations and his/her first in a series of 3 puppy shots.  Tails are docked to PCA breed standards and dew claws are removed.  It is recommended that until the last of the 3 puppy shots series is administered that the puppy not be taken into public areas visited by other dogs (i.e. dog parks, dog training facilities, dog boarding facilities, PetSmart, Petco) for their safety.  Rabies shots must not be given with any other vaccinations and not given until minimum of 5 months of age. I encourage the Dr. Dodds limited vaccine protocol with all puppies and dogs. You may see the breakdown of the recommended age for vaccines at:    

Although no absolute guarantees of long-term health can ever be made, the thorough testing of both Dam and Sire for any adverse genetic/structural markers/abnormalities has been completed and results will be provided in your purchase package.  It is recommended that you take your new puppy to your own vet for a thorough exam within the first week you have him/her.  If you are unhappy with the results of said exam,  after having him/her examined again by my vet,  if the result is the same, I will refund the purchase price in full, less transportation and re-exam expenses.  

If it comes to my attention, at any time that the puppy is being abused, not fed properly, being used for breeding without approval, or housed inappropriately, I will retrieve the puppy and be provided immediately with all relevant paperwork (AKC Registration signed over to me, Microchip Release) and will re-sell or re-home the puppy. After medical costs/transportation, other selling expenses and deposit are deducted - the balance of the purchase amount will be returned to you. If legal action has to be taken, Buyer will be responsible for all Seller's legal fees Transportation and Per Diem(if necessary) and Court Costs,including fees associated with serving papers.    

Unless your puppy is an AKC Conformation Show or AKC Performance Prospect with arrangements made in advance, which includes  co-ownership and appropriately increased purchase price, your puppy is being sold on a spay/neuter contract.  Proof of spay/neuter must be provided to Seller by your vet.  It is not recommended that standard poodles be spayed/neutered until a minimum of one year of age with an x-ray verification that their joint growth plates are closed.  

Your puppy is part of an AKC registered litter (PR___________).  The kennel name “CALLASTERNS” is approved and encouraged for Buyer’s use in the registered name. You are urged to immediately register your puppy through AKC. You will be asked to activate the Avid Microchip Registration before you leave my home with the puppy.  My name will remain on the chip as a contact for the puppy at all times.

Your puppy folder will contain the Dam and Sire’s AKC registration information, a copy of a five-generation pedigree, photos of Dam and Sire, a copy of the Litter Registration, the puppy's individual AKC Registration Form, the Avid Microchip Registration form, copies of OFA health statistics for both Dam and Sire which includes their CHIC number, the puppy’s current health certificate, the COI results (run prior to breeding) and information on the Bio-Sensor, Puppy Culture and Volhard Puppy Aptitude/Temperament testing with results.  I will also include the age appropriate exercise standards as presented in "Puppy Culture".  I will take and share photos and videos with you throughout your puppy’s development so you can watch him/her grow and develop before they come home to you.  I will always be available to answer any questions you may have about this puppy. 

When your puppy pick has been finalized, after the Volhard testing, I will use the call name you provide to accustom him/her to his/her name.  Pick of the litter for show quality belongs to the Seller.  No visitors are allowed until 5 weeks of age. 

I do not ship puppies.  If you traveling by air or have a long car drive, I will provide Nutri-Cal paste to keep your puppy's blood sugar stable during travel.  Flight certificates are only good for 30 days and there is a 20 pound weight limit for in-flight carriers.  There is also a additional fee of $20.00 for a flight ready health certificate.

I retain first right of refusal if, at any time you become unable to keep your puppy, to have the puppy returned to me at Buyer’s expense. Please provide the name, address and phone number of the person you have designated as guardian of the puppy in the event of an incapacitating illness or death. That person will need to have my contact information in order to discuss the return of the puppy to me or their continued ownership of said puppy at my sole discretion.  Puppy will not be sold or given to another party or rescue organization without my written approval.  

Contract entered into this ____ day of ______________, 2017.  No alterations will be made to this contract without prior approval and initials from all parties to this Contract. Notary Jurat/Affidavit must be attached to both copies of contract.

____________________________________________                      _________________________________________________

Debra Sterns - Callasterns Standard Poodles (Seller)                              _________________________________________________

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