Callasterns Standard Poodle Puppy Pre-Purchase Questionnaire

These questions are designed to help me choose the best home for my puppies and ensure that I am making the best match possible of puppy to owner, taking into consideration your lifestyle, commitment to exercise, health care, future performance expectations, environment, etc. Should I choose not to place one of my puppies with you, I will discuss that decision with you, and why I feel that a standard poodle may not be a good choice for you. (Just copy and paste this completed questionnaire into an email to me.)



Phone #s Home: ______________Cell: ___________________ Email: _____________________________________________

Where did you hear about me (AKC Marketplace, internet search, referral, Square Space, etc. ); if you were referred to me, by whom?
(I’d like to thank them)!  ___________________________________________________________________________________
Type of home you live in: _________________________ How long have you lived there? ________________

Do you own or rent? _______________    If renting, please give name, address & phone # of landlord: ______________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Name, address & phone # of your veterinarian:  _________________________________________________________________
Who will be the primary caregiver in the family? _________________________________________________________________
Where will the puppy be kept at night? ___________________________ During the day: ________________________________
Is anyone home during the day? __________How many hours on average will the puppy be left alone? _______________________

How will your puppy be confined in your absence? ________________________________________________ Is someone available

to feed/exercise the puppy during the day? ____________________________________________________________

What do you think is the activity level of standard poodles? ( ) very high ( ) high ( ) moderate ( ) below average
Have you ever owned a Standard Poodle before or any other size poodle? ____________ if not, have you ever owned a dog before and if so, what breed? ___________________________________

Are you aware of the size/weight potential for a standard poodle puppy? ________________________________

Do you have any other animals now? If yes, what do you have, ages of each and are they spayed/neutered or intact?____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Do you have children? If yes, what are their ages? _____________________________________________ Are there Special Needs children or elderly adults in the household?__________________________________________________________ Do you care for children/grandchildren during the day or on weekends? ______________________________________________________________

Are you looking for a Service Dog or ESA? If so for what purpose: _____________________________________________________

Is anyone in your household allergic to animals? If yes, how severe is the allergy? ___________________________________________

Do you prefer a male or female puppy?______________________ Color Preference? ______________________________________

Have you researched the cost of grooming, day care, vet care, pet insurance and training of a standard poodle puppy?  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Are you aware of the health issues which can affect the poodle breed? ___________________________________________________

What do you plan to feed your puppy?___________________________________________________________________________

I insist on a minimum vaccine protocol (Dr. Dodds recommendations) as well as waiting to spay/neuter until growth plates are closed.
Will you agree to both of these stipulations? _______________________________________
The average life of standard poodles is 11-13 years; Are you prepared for that commitment to this puppy? ______________________

Do you have a plan in place to care for your poodle if you are no longer able to care for your puppy? If so their name, address and phone number: _________________________________________________________________________________________________
How often do you plan to have your poodle professionally groomed? __________

Do you plan to do your own grooming?  ( ) Yes   ( ) No         If yes, have you had any grooming training? ________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
What kind of floor surfaces will the dog be on in the house? Are there stairs or a pool? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you have a pool, is there safety fencing around it? ________________________________________________________________

Do you have a fenced yard or suitable kennel area for outside confinement safety? __________________________________________

What type of fencing do you have? __________________________________ How high is it? _______________________________

How will your puppy be confined when outside? ___________________________________________________________________

If not, do you have immediate plans to install a fenced area for your puppy’s needs? _________________________________________

How much room will they have in your fenced yard? ________________________________________________________________

Do you know the dangers of dog parks and Doggy Day Care/Boarding?__________________________________________________

Do you understand the exercise requirements of a Standard Poodle? _____________________________________________________

How do you intend for your puppy to get enough daily mental and physical exercise (a minimum 45 minutes total per day is recommended)? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Do you travel frequently? If so, will your dog travel with you or do you have a plan for its care during your absence? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________

If you have owned pets previously, how long did your last pet live? _________________What were the circumstances of its death?


Have you ever returned a pet to a breeder? _____________  If so, what were the circumstances? ______________________________


Have you ever given a pet away? _____________   If so, what were the circumstances? _____________________________________

Have you ever surrendered a pet to a pound, rescue or shelter?  _____________________  If so, what were the circumstances? ____________________________________________________________________________________________

Will you be enrolling your puppy in basic obedience/S.T.A.R Puppy classes? _________________________________

Are you interested in showing in conformation? _____Have you ever titled a dog in AKC conformation or performance? __________

Are you interested in performance competition (rally, obedience, agility, hunting, etc).? ____________________________________

Are you interested in training your dog for therapy/service? __________________________________________________________

Do you have a desire to breed? _______________  If so, have you ever bred before? ___________________

Please give me your position on “designer” or Doodle breeds: ________________________________________________________


Do you understand the difference between a limited registration and a full registration? _____________________________________

Anything additional you’d like to tell me about you and your family so that I’ll know you better?  ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

All prospective buyers must provide two references, with phone #’s, to whom I may speak personally. One of these may be your current veterinarian and one your current groomer, if you have one.

  1. 1)  Name, #, relationship: _______________________________________________________________________________

  2. 2)  Name, #, relationship: _______________________________________________________________________________

Please contact me directly to discuss availability, price, deposit, terms of ownership, etc. You should plan to personally take delivery of your puppy as I do not ship. I may arrange for transport of the puppy to you for a fee.  A non-refundable deposit of $500,  two signed, notarized copies of  Contract to Purchase along with this Questionnaire will reserve a puppy from this or a future litter. Deposits go toward purchase price but are not accepted until I know that there is a viable litter.  If you change your mind after the puppies are born - the deposit is forfeited.

Debra Sterns/Callasterns Standard Poodles (407) 404-0812

13506 Summerport Village Pky #266; Windermere, FL. 34786