First Solid Food Today!

After 4 days of supplementing with formula that has a canine probiotic in it the puppies will have their first meal with solids in it today!  I give the probiotics to get their guts ready to digest meat. I'm sure it will be fun and messy - I'll take pictures!  It is Wednesday - on Saturday they will get their first bath and blow dry and be introduced to the Dremel for their nails.  It will be like Christmas unwrapping those beautiful little faces and feet for the world to see!  First neo-par shots will be given next Monday.  

They are playing with the toys - play-fighting (so vicious sounding LOL) and wrestling all over both boxes.  They are adorable - and are already learning to come and they make great eye contact already.  Most of the baby teeth have broken through now as my fingers let me know!  

Already getting so attached to them - and it just gets more and more fun from this point on.  I wish the rain would stop so they could go out in the grass and play - maybe this weekend.